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IIPM Publications

As an institution which believes in serious academic pursuits which have practical implications, Indian Institute of Planning and Management has always been a fore-runner in academic endeavors setting benchmarks in education and industry.

Inspired by the research and talent bank of the institute, Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri envisioned the idea of publishing Journals; IIPM has started four Academic Journals: The Human Factor (HRM), Need the Dough? (Finance), Strategic Innovators (Case Study Journals) & India Economy Review in respective specialized areas of Management. As a part of our academic endeavors, these journals aim to integrate academia and industry to create intellectual capital. And thereby, contributing towards the economy by creating quality Leaders, entrepreneurs and managers.

These journals provide as a platform and forum where creative and valid ideas, contemporary & tacit knowledge can be accommodated and archived. These publications create a space where ideas, thesis, anti-thesis, unconventional theories find place for expression and exposure. This also aims at empowering professionals everywhere to lead more productive (work) lives by disseminating knowledge processed here at the IIPM Intelligence Unit.


Strategic Innovators

"Strategic Innovators" is a refereed journal on contemporary strategic management trends, published every quarter. Through this journal, our aim is to address crucial processes and structural management practices across industries and geographies that deliver significant and relevant value to senior business executives.


The India Economy Review

"The India Economy Review" is a mainstream economics journal published every quarter. It targets mainly practicing economists, policy makers (The government and agencies), institutions of economic interests, corporates, students and research scholars in the field of business & economics. This in-house journal is managed and edited by the IIPM Think Tank.


Need the Dough?

This finance journal is an IIPM Intelligence & Publications Unit endeavour to bring out well researched articles on contemporary industry issues and other pertinent subject matters, case studies, all specifically from the field of finance, accounting, financial services, investments, capital markets and other related areas.


The Human Factor

"The Human Factor" continuously strives to bring world class practices in the field of human resources to clear the fuzzy picture of the human face of business. From the employee growth strategies to an insight of a country's new-found approach towards learning organisations, this journal is a tool for today's HR leaders to sample.

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